Dog Sweaters

Baby alpaca wool   •   Small Dogs   •   Premium


Handmade Dog Sweaters

Each dog sweather Sunqu is made by expert craftsmen who, with years of experience and a great handling of baby alpaca wool, manage to make luxury dog clothes with the highest quality standards.



A few years ago, we were looking for a product that did not exist in the market and can join our passions: dogs and fashion. After exploring for a while, we realized that there did not exist an offer; a brand which can take pet fashion, style and allow their owners express themselves through them.

Sunqu was born two years later, an exclusive brand that collects premium materials that our country gives us to turn them into dog sweaters  with the high quality that your pet deserves.

Our First Collection

This series materializes the dream of provide a unique pet clothing always considering the Peruvian essence. Made with baby alpaca wool, a unique , high quality and elegant fiber, this collection gives to your faithful friend the best of the market because they deserves it